July 24, 2020

What do I need to prepare to develop a website?

How to prepare to design and develop a website that suits your business needs? This is the first question many customers encounter when considering building their own business website. Hope to give you a satisfactory answer here.

First of all, what is the goal of developing a website? It is to give one's own website a question of positioning and qualitative. Whether it is a personal website or a business website in any industry, there will be great differences in website design and functional requirements according to different purposes. If you have no experience and no concept, you can search the Internet to find some website cases related to your case as a reference, if possible, save some urls good designs and functions close to the website case you need, so that you can use it when you start to develop and design the website. We also provide specific solutions and case references for customer website development cases in various industries. You can check industry cases to get some inspiration.

After having the basic concept of what kind of website you want to make, the next step is to prepare relevant materials and materials for website construction and design. Mainly include the following aspects:

  1. Register the domain name and hosting: You can also ask a professional website development company for specific operations, but you need to prepare at least possible names (Chinese, English, French) and other information. For example: develop a school website, xxxschool.com or xxxcollege.ca. The name can include special naming and specific business categories such as Chinese schools, art schools, etc. The hosting recommends well-known large companies such as Bluehost or Siteground, which are not only reliable and stable, but also reasonably priced (generally around 100 Canadian dollars can create multiple websites and free mailbox);
  2. Organize text, pictures, audio, video and other materials: mainly company profile, product or service description, classification, price, etc., advertising drafts, promotional copy, relevant report articles, etc., product or service item photos, business or company Promotional videos, etc. If there are YouTube videos that have been posted, you can also provide links. All text should be carefully sorted and proofread. If you need a professional copy editor, you can also ask a professional company to deal with it. After the copy is finalized, it needs to be translated into the corresponding English or French as the material of the multilingual website;
  3. The main page and categories that need to be displayed on the website: For example, the homepage, about us, products or services, partners, contact us, etc. It is necessary to determine which are important content, which needs to be highlighted on the homepage, and there are some detailed categories And how to organize the project to facilitate users. Although these development companies like us will also help customers design the website structure, if after all, the customers themselves are more familiar with their own business, and if they have sufficient thinking and preparation in advance, the specific cooperation will be twice the result with half the effort and greatly improve efficiency;
  4. The main functions that the website needs to implement: for example, whether user registration and management are required, whether payment functions are required, whether there is a reservation system, whether an online education platform similar to course management functions is provided, product sales and payment settlement functions, etc.;
  5. Reference case of web design: Each customer has his own style tendency and preference for designing. If the development and design company team makes any design, it will take a lot of detours. If the customer can provide some favorite website color styles they find. Design cases will provide great help to design ideas and directions, and will also improve efficiency and save time;
  6. If customers need to do SEO search optimization, they need to prepare information such as keywords and product service advantages related to their business. You can filter and list the product and service names you want to promote, as well as search terms and modifiers used by customers in the industry. For example: translation agency, immigration translation, Montreal Chinese Church, etc. Generally, we will analyze and filter from the information provided by customers.

If you are fully prepared for some of the above questions, then starting to design and build a website that meets your needs is basically a matter of course. In addition, it is to prepare a reasonable budget, and the rest is to choose a cost-effective and professional experienced company to cooperate.

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