July 24, 2020

What can SEO search optimization bring to you?

Why do SEO search optimization? What can it bring to your business?

Friends who are beginning to get in touch with the concept of website and network marketing may be familiar with SEO, Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.  This is the explanation of Wikipedia. The essence of SEO search optimization is to make it easier for potential users to find you, that is, enter relevant keywords in search tools (such as Google), and your relevant web pages and content can be presented to target users with the greatest probability. The ultimate goal is to realize that potential users click to enter your page, read and understand products and services in depth, and then generate purchase desires and put them into action, which is to achieve the conversion of user traffic to consumption.

SEO search optimization can really help customers achieve rapid growth in sales and performance. However, the misunderstanding is that many customers think that adding keywords and optimization will quickly see results. After setting it for a few days, I can’t help but go to the Google homepage to search for keywords to see if my webpage appears. If not, it seems to question whether the optimization work is done well or even done.

Generally, keyword optimization done by paying fees to search tools will be quickly included and ranked high, which is the so-called paid advertising (IE bidding ranking)

There is a big difference between free SEO search optimization and paid advertising. Paid advertising is based on the way of bidding ranking according to the results of advertisers competing for the same popular keywords without knowing each other’s bids. On the search homepage of Google or Baidu or at the top and bottom of each page, all relevant search content with advertising marks is displayed. The free optimized SEO keyword page is only displayed in the middle part. Every time a paid advertisement is clicked, the advertiser will pay the amount of the bid correspondingly, ranging from a few cents to a few tens of dollars or more. It is unknown whether the user clicks in to read it carefully or leaves after a glance. Therefore, paid advertising is a real investment of money, and users should not use it lightly without being fully prepared. And it will be more effective if you have to hire a professional and experienced advertising operation company to operate.

Generally, for customers who do not have sufficient business preparation and financial preparation, we do not recommend using paid advertising as soon as they come up. The reason is simple: paying to increase exposure only increases traffic, and whether you can achieve user conversion depends on whether the relevant copywriting content of your products and services is sufficient to attract customers to buy interest and actions. Unfamiliar with the search habits and interests of target customers and feedback on your products and services will make advertising expenditures blind and untargeted, causing unnecessary waste.

And through professionally guided SEO search optimization, without paying advertising fees, through a series of integration, settings and optimizations, the effect of being included in the search engine and gradually improving and even entering the home page can be realized for free. And then achieve traffic and user conversion. With the continuous increase in click-through rate, through technical means such as Google analysis, you can find effective growth points and keywords (or sentences) that attract traffic. If there is a certain amount of funds to invest in advertising, it will produce a multiplier effect.

SEO search optimization is a relatively complex process that requires a lot of work to integrate optimization tools, analyze and filter appropriate keywords and key sentences, set title and meta description to be the main information crawled by search engines, and create sitemap and search Engine account integration and more. In addition, it also includes editing high-quality copywriting containing keywords and key sentences, setting up internal and external links, improving the readability and interest of the copywriting, etc., as well as improving user experience through development and technical means to increase user reading and staying time. Reprinted and added links by third parties to increase exposure and attention through social media, thereby increasing the weight and index of being searched, etc. There will be many details to help you build a better optimization effect. At the same time, this is also a long-term accumulation process that requires your patience. And as long as you work hard enough to pay off, one day you will reap unexpected surprises.

If you are interested, please contact us for details, our professional team will help you achieve your goals.

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