July 24, 2020

Opportunities for online education and COVID-19 collision

During the COVID-19 epidemic, online education has become the only option for all educational institutions, including public education committees.

While many traditional education institutions are still hesitant to enter the field of online education, a sudden COVID-19 epidemic has completely changed people's cognition and habits. When the school had to be closed, teaching and communication through the Internet and video has become the only choice for schools and educational institutions. Therefore, many educational institutions and freelance teachers who have never been exposed to online teaching methods have begun to use ZOOM and other platforms to carry out online teaching. Through a period of trial and practice, the convenience and limitations of online video teaching have been increasingly reflected. So, is online education an opportunity, helplessness, or challenge?

Online education refers to the mode of achieving education and teaching goals through the Internet, and is also called online education or distance education. Online video teaching is only a teaching method of online education. In essence, online education is a complete series of education to achieve teaching plans and teaching goals through the Internet, complete lectures, exercises, exams, correct homework, manage students, evaluate and upgrade, etc. The process of teaching activities. With the development of Internet technology and the advanced practice of many online education institutions, it has now developed into an indispensable education and teaching model full of vitality and vitality. Abundant Internet database resources and flexibility that are not restricted by geography and time and space have brought online education the irreplaceable advantages of traditional offline education models. Therefore, after educational institutions and workers have experienced the COVID-19 epidemic and have no choice but to use the online teaching model, it is time to think carefully about how to deploy and develop online education in the future, and seize the opportunity to fully integrate the online and offline education modes to each other. Supplement, for yourself to win the first opportunity in the competition.

Focus Web Tech to provide a full range of solutions for the development of integrated network schools and online education platforms for educational institutions with the rich practical experience and advanced technical support of serving many educational institutions. Not only can we design and develop exquisite websites to display and promote schools and courses for you, but also develop an LMS learning management system integrated into the website. 【Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application that is used to manage, record, track, report, and automate the provision of educational courses, training plans, or learning and development plans. (From Wikipedia)] Teachers can log in to the website to edit and publish courses, specify the classroom and schedule according to the teaching plan, and write related exercise tests to evaluate the teaching effect online. Institutions and free teachers can not only publish online courses, but can also implement fee-based teaching and hierarchical management of students after paying online or offline. Participants can register and log in to pay to participate in related courses, manage their own learning progress, view materials, do exercises, take exams, etc. According to their own time and learning progress, flexibly arrange learning.

For freelance teachers who don’t want to invest too much in the development and construction of online education platforms for the time being, we also provide a fully functional online education platform for you to choose from. You can register for free and publish free trial courses to experience the advantages of the platform. You can start using the platform for a very low price and commission. In addition to your own publicity and promotion of courses, we also help you to publicize and promote courses in all aspects. Take advantage of our technology and marketing experience to help you realize the benefits of online education.

For more details, please contact us, or log in to our online education platform: TwoPointEducation.com and look forward to your joining!

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